Solar Solutions


This is the simplest form of solar power and consists of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and a smart PV inverter. Excess energy is either exported to the grid or is lost due to grid export limitation.

In the case of a power failure the system will automatically be switched off.


With this system excess energy generated during the day time is stored in a battery pack for use at a later stage. This option provides the best of both worlds by combining the efficiency of a grid-tied pv system with the convenience of battery back-up. This system will provide back-up power to critical loads in the event of a power failure.


The most complex to design is the off-grid system. This type of system will consist of grid-tied pv system or charge controller with back-up coupled to a generator set to take you through the days with low solar radiation. We offer very efficient systems with minimal losses and batteries with up to 15+ year life expectancy.

Engineered Solutions

E, C&I Design Services

BT Konsult offers a range of E,C&I engineering services and can also provide civil & structural engineering via our associates.


Custom designed power generation equipment to meet the changing needs of your industry. Ranging from 20 kVA to 2 MW, our generators are reliable, efficient and rated for your particular application. We also offer PV / Diesel integration solutions to get the most out of your grid-tied solar PV plant.


We specialize in the design supply and erection of durable cost effective solar carports.

Geospatial Solutions

3D Models

We can build large 3D models using 3D scanning equipment to generator point clouds and 3D surfaces. This type of information is particularly useful in brown-fields environment or where construction progress needs to be monitored visually.


An orthophoto, sometimes referred to as an orthophotograph or an orthoimage, is an aerial photo that has been corrected for lens distortion, camera tilt, perspective, and topographic relief, which is changes in the elevation of the earth's surface.


Drones are uniquely suited to the tasks of aerial mapping and scoping. They also bring with them a number of benefits, including reliable data collection and real-time reporting services, lower operational costs than traditional surveying methods, and quick, safe deployment.